11 Statement Jewelry Trends for Stylish Ladies in 2020

11 Statement Jewelry Trends for Stylish Ladies in 2020


Every time ladies want to perk up their outfits, jewelry appears the most important. With a suitable chunky pair of glowing statement earrings or a statement necklace, your dress/blazer/sweater looks more appealing. Most ladies don’t leave the house without simple jewelry items. Keep your Ounass code in hands when buying these accessories from Ounass store. Coupon.ae brings the ladies to a new world of discounts and savings. Remember these opportunities whenever shopping for the fashion and style in 2020.

Animal Motif Jewelry

Whether it is a tiny fish or a giant scorpion hanging off the statement necklace, stylists found a way to include animals in the jewelry items. These pieces are stylish and adorable. These will maintain everyone’s eyes on your neck.

Panther Head Ring

This is a special ring with a roaring panther head. It offers glistering crystal eyes. This creates a minimalist ring to keep your beautiful fingers more attractive and appealing.

Statement Earrings

Well, these are also inspired by the animal shapes. Prehistoric fish motif earrings are valuable for Pescatarians and others. These sparkling fishes give you a new accent. Try adding a fish bracelet with this pair of earrings.

Statement Chokers

These were famous in the spring 2020. Statement chokers are choice of celebrities and models. Several popular designers offered their creative efforts in this field.

Spike Choker Necklace

Women who love layered necklaces should not forget the spike choker necklace. This has additional beauty edge. It is similar to fancy animal collar. However, its design is strictly for humans. Buy this statement choker necklace with aOunass code 2020 to find big discounts.

Scalloped Chokers

Colored or not, these rhinestones are famous in 2020. Stylists have incorporated this style into a statement choker necklace. It will deliver a sparkling effect to your neck. Everyone in the party will definitely fail to ignore the beauty of your neck.

Everyday Object

Don’t wonder. These are not pens. These are the new earrings. This earring is setting a new trend in the fashion industry. Ladies love to have a single but glowing piece of jewelry. This Everyday Object has the potential to keep your face an eye-catching factor in the party.

Pin Drop Threading Earrings

These are similar to common pins. These clothing pins are now ready to offer a big change. Ladies will surely adore their new look with these stylish but creative ordinary pins.

Single Gold Lock Earrings

Are these your gym lockers? These are not diary locks but lightweight earrings to bring a new style. This eccentric accessory has excellent potential to draw attention towards your outfit.

Supersize Hoops

It is time to give a new look to your outfit in 2020. Models and celebrities are trending with these oversized hoops. Try door-knocker style right now and see how it makes others starring on your outfit.

Lion Doorknocker Earrings

Do you love Balenciaga DoorKnockerEarrings?Innovative Lion Doorknocker earrings are ready to serve you. Buy these quality earrings at affordable price if you have Ounass code. Find new ways to improve your jewelry collection in 2020.

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