Getting rid of the terrible odor with the help of odor removal service

Getting rid of the terrible odor with the help of odor removal service

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Fire is the most dangerous threat to any dwelling. Ferocious flames, which absorb every square meter of the room, turn the items of furniture into a pile of burnt trash. Recovering the damaged premises is a very time-consuming task, which only experts working in specialised odor removal service can cope with. Any fire, even a local one, that has occurred in a house, apartment, warehouse or office space, leaves an irritable odor of burning and smoke.

Everything that was in the room  including fabrics, clothes, furniture upholstery, wall, floor and ceiling finishing materials smells of smoke. The first thing which come to mind of a person who has become a victim of fire is to air the room. However, this method is ineffective and it can take a lot of time. Remember that the best way to deal with the unbearable odor is to call an odor removal service which will do it for you using the latest technologies. And the premises need to be restored as soon as possible for future use.

Even the complete disposal of things and objects affected by the fire does not guarantee the complete elimination of the smell of burning. Since this smell is very caustic and persistent and is easily absorbed into any surface and materials, even into walls. In order to maximize the penetration of deodorant compositions into the affected surfaces at the preliminary stage of cleaning, the specialists of odor removal service perform a complete cleaning of all sources of odor like surfaces covered with soot.

This stage of cleaning is very important, because the favourable environment of the room directly depends on how well and thoroughly the surfaces are cleaned. 

Based on the degree of damage, local cleaning and odor removal service performs mechanical cleaning using brushes, professional equipment or chemicals. This provides an opportunity to minimize the level of pollution.

What an after fire cleanup and odor removal service includes:

1. Collection and removal of all items affected by the fire;

2. Washing each surface of the room for the subsequent neutralization of smog;

3. Rinsing each surface with an odor neutralizer;

4. Treatment of all rooms with a special solution that neutralizes odor residues;

5. Ozonation of the premises using professional equipment.

It is very difficult to independently clean up the affected premises after  fire. In addition, no one guarantees you effective and thorough removal of all the unpleasant odors.

Special detergent chemicals that are especially effective in removing soot and the odor of burning are not widely available, and very often after an amateur cleaning the stains on the walls, floors and ceiling reappear and the odor of burning remains.

It is easier and more reliable to contact an odor removal service, which will not only help you clean burnt furniture and other items after a fire, but also get rid of dry and greasy soot once and for all.

The most important advantage of a professional cleaning and odor removal service after fire is that specialists will spend much less time, and the result will be better.

Cleaning companies have special equipment and chemicals that are not available in regular stores. 

Remember that the cost of a professional odor removal service is less than a total renovation of your home.

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