Fence Post Repair Guide 101

Fence Post Repair Guide 101

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It is not uncommon for people to have a single leaning fence post that needs to be fixed, which means just a single part needs to be fixed. Homeowners are often surprised when they find out all that needs to be done is the bad post removed and replaced. A lot of people have the misconception that the whole fence will have to be replaced. All that has to be done is to check out the posts to see what kinds of damage might be done to them to know which ones need to be replaced. If there is any kind of crumbling due to termites or rot then the whole post should be pulled and replaced.

If the post is not completely rotted and just partially broken, someone can easily repair it though without having to replace it. There are fence post menders that can be found to do fence repair in Arlington, TX. They know how to properly repair the post to make it stronger and not fall apart more.

Vinyl Post Repair

A vinyl fence is a great choice for someone who lives in an area that has a lot of harsh weather because they can stand up to the weather more. That does not mean that vinyl fences never get damaged and need repair because they still do. Several different things can happen to cause damage to a vinyl fence. An example of something that can damage a vinyl fence is ice. If it rains and water is on the fence when the temperature gets cold, then it could crack when the ice expands. The ice can also pull the post into the ground, but a way around this is to put cement in a hole around the post. Some other things that could be done are simply repairing the hole that the post is sitting in.

When talking about problems that can come with a vinyl fence post, people should first know what is inside the post itself. A PVC fence post will have 4 by 4 treated wood inside if it is of good quality, but it should also have a metal sleeve inside the vinyl sleeve. People need to inspect their post before replacing them so they get the right replacement. Also, they may be able to simply replace just the wooden part of the post. A good way to check for wood rot inside the post is to check the bottom of the post. If the rot is not too bad, it can easily be replaced with fence repair in Arlington, TX for a decent price.

Post Anchors and Spikes

Someone who has a wooden fence and needs to replace a single post might be able to reuse the same cement anchor. This is not always true though. It all depends on the condition of the post and cement when the rotted post is removed. This is not always true though, and some people prefer to use a new anchor for their fence posts. The post should be checked before it is removed though because it may be salvageable instead of needing completely replaced. There might be someone who can easily repair the post without having to replace it.

People often question if a fence spike will work for their post or not because it was not put into concrete originally. The weather conditions of the area, as well as the type of fence, are things that have to be known to answer this question because spikes are less likely to rot and need to be replaced.

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