How to plan an Eco-friendly theme wedding

How to plan an Eco-friendly theme wedding


With increasing pollution and limited natural resources we have to take great care of our environment and for that purpose, we take different steps in daily life. Some people even though being a great supporter of some eco-friendly movements still on their special days get careless and this way cause a lot of the damage to the environment. On days like your own wedding you can still follow the eco-friendly thought and even though you must be thinking that this way the wedding will be just plain boring but that is not it, in fact, you can plan a great eco-friendly wedding that will help you feel closer to nature on your special day too. So here is the guide on how to plan an Eco-friendly themed wedding


The venue is the first thing about the wedding planning that should come to your mind ad with the eco-friendly theme what else can come to your mind than an outdoor wedding. Either you can hold a wedding in some outdoor place and with all the nature around you like the simple and floweringplants, your decoration problem is solved too. But if you don’t want an outdoorwedding then you can hold your wedding in a place where you have enough sunlight to light up the whole ballroom which is also near you so you have to utilize less fuel.

Wedding invitation

You can send the wedding invitation including all the details in the form of a wedding website of your own and it will cost you the same but if you want it to be old-fashioned way too then you can use the recycled paper for the wedding invitations.

Wedding Bouquet

For the bouquet, you can get fresh flowers or just one flower. F not even that you can also hold the artificial silk flowers or a brooch bouquet.


In an eco-friendly theme wedding, you can expect no food other than the organic and as we all know that organic food is very expensive so type can look for the local sources that can serve the organic food for less amount. To add an even better touch you can keep plan pots of cilantro and mint that the guests can add directly from the plants.


For dresses you can re-wear the dresses of your mother and grandmother and if you don’t have something like that you can buy the dresses from the vintage shops and here you can also find dresses for bridesmaids and flower girl. You can easily find lace flower girl dresses and bridal as well in these vintage shops. If flower girl dresses cannot be found then you can buy cloth and can have ivory flower girl dresses stitched yourself.

Wedding gifts

For wedding gifts, you can tell your guest to give charity instead of in the name of some of these eco-friendly projects that are going on or if you have your own such organization that would be even better.

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