Difference between Volkswagen Polo vs. Nissan Micra

Difference between Volkswagen Polo vs. Nissan Micra


Volkswagen from German in 1975 has manufactured Volkswagen Polo. There were various models produced after the generation of Volkswagen Polo. Volkswagen Polo is available in manual and automatic mode. On the other side, Nissan Micra was produced by the Japanese manufacturer. It is a supermini car famous in Latin America. It was developed with an intelligent and advanced features. The main difference between Volkswagen Polo vs. Nissan Micro is depicted in a table as given below:-

S. No. Parameters Nissan Micra Volkswagen Polo
1. Mode It is available in manual and automatic mode. It is available in automatic mode.
2. Performance Its performance for 0-100kmph is 14 seconds Its performance for 0-100kmph is 14.2 seconds.
3. Mileage Its mileage is 19.34 Kilometre per litre (Kmpl). Its mileage is 18.34 Kmpl.
4. Speed Its top speed is 160 km/hr Its higher speed is 165 km/hr.
5. Front Brakes Its front brakes are ventilated disc. Its front brakes are disc type only.
6. Bootspace Available bootspace is 251 litres Its available bootspace is 280 litres.
7. Fuel capacity Its fuel capacity is 41 litres Its fuel capacity is 45 litres.
8. Steering Column Its steering column is tilt. Its steering column is tilted and telescopic.
9. Folder Rear Seat It is not available. It is available as bench folding.
10. Fog lamps Not available It is rear type in this car
11. Variants There are five variants available in this model having six different colors. There are ten different variants available having different price and five different colors.

Nissan Micra Model

Volkswagen Polo Gt Model

Volkswagen Polo Price vs Nissan Micra Price

There is a significant difference between the rates of both cars. Nissan Micra Price in India starts from Rs 6.19 lakh. Its price ranges from 6.19 to 8.16 lakh. In contrary, Volkswagen polo gt price starts from Rs 5.40 lakh. Its price ranges from 5.40 to 9.40 lakh. One can easily buy these cars by visiting the nearby showrooms. One can also be surfing the internet to compare the price range. Moreover, test drive facility is also available for these cars.

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It is concluded that both cars are available in automatic and manual mode. It depends upon the customer to buy a car for a family or single person. Nissan Micra is a mini car, and Volkswagen polo is suitable for family.

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