Top 6 reasons why Arabia girls get married in their 20s

Top 6 reasons why Arabia girls get married in their 20s


Marriage is a socially acceptable norm across the globe, where millions of people get married now and then. Tying a knot isn’t compulsory in many countries, although it’s deemed a requirement in many conservative nations, including the Arabian nations. For instance, marriage for Arabia women is taken as an obligatory milestone that requires a lot of concentration by setting dreams and goals aside. A study done by UNICEF showed that one out of five girls in MENA get married before age 18. Most Arabia youths and especially women, usually have a lot of pressure mounting from marriage.

Below are some top reasons why Arabia girls get married in their 20s:

1. To begin a family

In most cases, young girls in their 20s are still studying and trying to launch their career paths. At this age, they’re also evolving and trying to be independent of their parents. However, for Arab women, this isn’t the case. Young girls begin a family even before they experience life and start making better life-changing decisions.

2. For a secure future

In real life situation, girls can only secure their future by getting educated, having a good career as well as productive relationships. Arabia girls aren’t subjected to all these, but instead, they get married without any stability and security.

3. It’s a culture

Arab girls usually get married when they’re young since it’s a way of living. Marriage should represent a real connection between 2 people who will stay together and make things right. When young Arabia girls are married, the relationship tends to be destructive and unproductive. Marriage should, therefore, not be made a constant cycle in life.

4. Getting older will make them not get husbands

One aspect of marriage that most people don’t know is that there’s no optimum timing for it to happen. Marriage should never be dictated age. Taking that most women spend an average of between 20 and 30minutes trying to find a perfect outfit each day translates to about 2-3hours every week. Therefore, if this is the real case scenario, then choosing a partner should be taken lightly.

5. To make kids

The major reason behind getting married in many social settings is making kids. Only those with kids understand how it feels to be a mother surrounded by your kids. However, this isn’t for all women since some may even not been willing to get kids, and they even aren’t ashamed of saying it. Therefore, this isn’t a surprise since we’re also too many in the earth.

6. People with think you’re not normal

In the Arabian setting, what the society thinks about you has a significant impact on your life, even if the opinions are judgemental and invade your private life. For example, women trying to abstain from marriage paints an image that there’s a physical or mental issue. This is very wrong since society’s perception towards you weighs more than the life decision that can assist you in shaping your entire life.

In conclusion, these are some of the top reasons why Arabia girls get married in their 20s.

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