10 tips to grow fragrant flower plants in indoor pot

10 tips to grow fragrant flower plants in indoor pot

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Many things at home give us a lot of pleasure, one of them being the fragrance of flowers.

The scent of small flowers in our living rooms or gardens is simply divine. It is very romantic and peaceful at the same time. The memories of a specific flower or plant stay with us forever.

Indoor plants give a welcoming vibe in the house. They are bright, decorative and also help to purify the air quality. They improve our health and increase focus. Irrespective of the weather, one can grow fragrant flowers in small indoor plant pots inside their homes by providing them with a good environment. One can buy a variety of plant pots online. To make sure that the flower plants stay alive, we need to provide an adequate supply of water and nutrients. Be it winter, autumn, spring or summer with proper care these flower plants will spread their cheers and colours everywhere.

Here are few tips to grow fragrant flower plants in small indoor pots:

  • Adequate Sunlight :

Since winter is around the corner and the growth of plants is very slow during this season, therefore choose the appropriate type of flower plants. Put your plants in a position where it gets enough sunlight to ensure that they remain green and healthy. A necessary amount of sunlight is required by plants to undergo photosynthesis. But avoid putting them in direct sunlight because the quality and duration of light affect a plant’s growth. Small flowering plants require 12-16 hours of sunlight daily.

  • The necessary amount of water:

Fragrant flower plants are prone to under and overwatering. To ensure good drainage, use fiberglass planters as they have water outlets in the bottom. One needs to water the compost at regular intervals as it can dry out fast during winters. If excess amounts of water are supplied to flower plants they may wither soon. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep the water frequency in check.

  • Avoid frequent plant movement:

Plants adjust themselves to a particular place or surroundings a little slowly. Therefore, it’s advisable not to move them very frequently. The dynamic changes in temperatures also affect their growth. Sometimes moving a fragrant flower plant from a sun-rich area to a darker area can harm it.

  • Use good quality fertilizer:

Indoor flower plants need a good amount of nutrients from the soil to grow and survive. A fertilizer rich in potassium should be used in flowering plants. If the required micronutrients are not added to plants they might dry out. To avoid too much moisture content in the soil, one can use plant pots with holes in the bottom. You can buy plant pots online that offer good drainage options.

  • Regularly trim or cut unwanted plant parts :

Many flowering plants require to be pruned at regular intervals to make sure their growth is in the right direction. When a plant is not trimmed, it can grow indefinitely. Their roots can outgrow the container or the planter. Therefore, we should frequently cut the dead branches, leaves or flowers to promote a fuller plant. 

  • Understand your plants:

It’s very important to understand the type of flower plants you grow at home. There are many blogs and articles on how to grow indoor fragrant flowers. Many indoor plants have different requirements in terms of humidity levels, sunlight and water. Most of the plants have a scientific and common name. Thus, knowing the features and needs of your plants will help you to take good care of them.

Choose plants which are easy to grow:

Many flowering plants require a particular type of environment to thrive. While many others are low maintenance and easy to grow.

Here are some durable flowering plants that one can think of growing at home:

  • Petunia:

These flowering plants are known for their sturdy characteristics and beautiful colours such as pink, purple, red, white and yellow. Petunia plants are very popular annual flowering plants and they can grow up to 6 inches to 4 feet. They are perfect to hang on baskets or small pots indoors. 

  •  Cactus:

Cacti are very easy to grow as well. They form amazing shapes and require low light.

  •  Marble Pothos:

Marble pothos belongs to the category of vines and makes a great indoor plant while we hang them on baskets. These are easy to maintain and give a tropical vibe to your living space. They grow at a moderate rate and are easy to maintain.

  •  Orchids:

They add a flair of colour and happiness to your house. With the different varieties of petals and hues of purple, pink, white, orchids enhance your indoors. They are perfect to pair up with your indoor standing planters for a picturesque display.

Thus, the above tips will surely help you to grow fragrant flowers in your house. All you need to do is provide the plants with a pure environment, water and nutrients at regular intervals of time. This will eventually help to keep your plants alive.

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