Benefits of Solving NCERT Exemplar

Benefits of Solving NCERT Exemplar


While preparing for exams, students always get confused, deciding the right material and they often end up taking the wrong option available in the market. Choosing these faulty materials may lead them to failure, so students must be aware of the best option available in the market. For CBSE students, the best option is NCERT Exemplar as they cover the entire CBSE syllabus. Students can get these exemplars class wise such as NCERT Exemplar Class 10. NCERT Exemplars offer comprehensive learning and also help students to develop their numerical abilities along with logical and reasoning skills.

NCERT Exemplars are used primarily for JEE mains and JEE advanced exam. It is a practice-book that includes additional questions of a higher level which provides in-depth learning. NCERT exemplar books contain conceptual sums, which cover CBSE board exams and competitive exams. So, it is beneficial if students go through these books. NCERT Exemplar prepares students for their exams in a much better and effective way. While solving NCERT Exemplar Class 11 students can refer to NCERT exemplar solutions available for students.

5 Benefits of solving NCERT Exemplar for students

  1. NCERT Exemplar solutions provide a step-by-step explanation to every question given in the NCERT Exemplar textbooks. It is one of the most valuable aids to students in their home assignments and exams as well. It is one of the best solution materials for CBSE students.
  2. Solving these NCERT exemplars will give students a smooth hand at twisted questions. Students preparing for their upcoming exam are advised to practice these solutions diligently to score better marks in their exam.
  3. These NCERT Exemplars are prepared as per the syllabus of the respective subject and provide proper guidance and a thorough learning process. For subjects like Maths, these Exemplar Solutions help students while preparing for their Maths paper as it explains tough problems easily.
  4. NCERT Exemplar solutions are written in an easy language. Students mustn’t waste their precious time studying from other books when they can get it all in just one single NCERT book.
  5. To score maximum marks in the exam, the students need to practice these NCERT exemplars as they contain a variety of questions to practice. Practising these exemplars will help students to analyze their level of preparation and understanding of concepts.

NCERT Exemplars will boost students’ confidence level. So, practising these exemplars will help students to complete solving the actual question paper on time, without any silly mistakes. Students can also subscribe to our BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch and learn through interactive videos to understand complex concepts, better.

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