Debunking Common Misconceptions about Sunglasses

Debunking Common Misconceptions about Sunglasses


With the summertime looming on the horizon, it is the perfect time to get new sunglasses.  But in the quest to find the latest quality designer eyewear or the trendiest shades, safety usually takes a back seat to fashion and style.

It is very easy to forget that sunglasses’ most vital job is to safeguard the eyes from the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun. The good news is that it is very easy to find a pair of eyewear that both protects the sclera and looks good, no matter what the buyer’s budget is.

To understand the anatomy of the eye, check out for details.

When looking for eyepieces, the most crucial thing to look for is the lens’s Ultraviolet protection. The safest way to go is to purchase an eyepiece that provides 100% Ultraviolet protection. It means that it protects the eyes from both Ultraviolet A and B radiation.

A lot of expensive eyepieces offer this level of defense in all of their models. But there are also glasses that $5 to $30 that also provide 100% UV and sunlight defense. With that being said, people should not confuse UV protection with lens quality. While eyewear with a $5 price tag may protect the eyes just as well as a $500 pair, the quality of the lens will vary significantly.

Usually, when individuals purchase an expensive pair of glasses, they will be getting high-quality lenses that will provide them a sharper, more pleasing, and more precise image with less distortion. Lastly, suppose individuals are concerned about the level of Ultraviolet protection of the current glasses or the new eyewear they are planning to buy. In that case, most professionals can test the protection for free in a couple of seconds. To make the experience of purchasing eyewear less confusing, there is some truth about the most common myths about these eyepieces.

Myth #1 – Eyepieces with full UV protection are pretty expensive

False – People do not have to pay a lot of money for the right UV defense. While expensive eyewear like Oliver Peoples Sunglasses can offer more trendy frames, high-quality lens, sharper image, and less glare, it is pretty easy to find affordable glasses that will safeguard your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. Some of them only cost $5 to $30. You just have to check their labels to find the best glasses that can safeguard your eyes from UV-A and UV-B radiation.

Myth #2 – Sunglass lenses with darker colors are more protective compared to lenses with lighter colors

False: Lens tints have nothing to do with the protection of the sunglasses. Clear lenses with zero tints and 100% UV defenses are a lot better for the eyes compared to dark and heavily tinted eyepieces without the proper safeguard. As a matter of fact, dark lenses without enough safeguard from the sun. As a matter of fact, dark-tinted lenses without the right safeguard are actually worse in the eyes compared to not wearing eyewear at all because dark tints can cause the pupil to become dilated, thus exposing the eyes to harmful elements of the sun.

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