Duties, Roles & Responsibilities Of An HOA President

Duties, Roles & Responsibilities Of An HOA President


Every HOA has a board of directors, which are usually regular homeowners living in the community. These people are responsible for overseeing the community’s policies and laws and ensuring that everyone follows them. However, no group can function without a leader. Therefore, every HOA board has an HOA president. 

Although the president has various duties, their primary responsibility is to make sure that the board successfully works to make the community better. However, being a president can also invite stress because of the duties piling up. Professional gilbert hoa management companies can help lighten the load. 

Duties, roles, and responsibilities of an HOA president 

  1. Signing important documents. 

Being an HOA president means any new projects, events, changes, or other things in the community will be authorized by you. This means that you will sign the documents with your name to permit the action to take place. You will represent the community and make changes on its behalf. This also means that any error will lead people to point the finger at you. 

  1. Leading meetings. 

Since you are now the president of the entire community, it is only natural that you lead the board and other community meetings. You will be responsible for arranging these meetings and ensuring they run smoothly. You will also be the one to choose the agendas to be discussed during the meeting. Along with that, you should also inform all the board members and homeowners about the meeting through a notice at the appropriate time. 

  1. Communicating with contractors. 

As the president of the community, you will be speaking with the third-party management companies and contractors on behalf of the board and the community. Most board members are people who have full-time jobs and other priorities. Therefore, they might not always have the time to commit to their position. This is why you need to act as the middleman here. 

  1. Overseeing financials. 

The HOA president must constantly work with the treasurer to take care of the financials and make important decisions. With the assistance and guidance of the treasurer, the president must prepare an annual budget and approve any upcoming expenditures. In some HOAs, the president is required to play the role of a treasurer if the latter is absent. 

  1. Conducting voting. 

Various issues in an HOA require the calling of votes, such as the election of a board member or presidential elections. The current president is required to send a notice of the vote to all homeowners, tell them what the voting is about and encourage them to participate. They are also responsible for announcing the results. 

Perhaps the most important part about being a board president is loving and caring for the community and its people. You must care for the HOA as you care for your own family and take steps to maintain its standards. 

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