Experience Beautiful Scenic Sunset Cruise Lisbon

Experience Beautiful Scenic Sunset Cruise Lisbon


Lisbon is the nostalgia and beauty. It may not be a city of great monuments or dreamlike places like other great European capitals but the charm of this city is precisely that, in captivating and falling in love with the naked eye, without the need for stridency.

This is the modern city whose historic center can be perfectly explored on foot. The magic of the night that huddles in the streets of the city and the Tagus are undoubtedly the emblem of Lisbon. More than a thousand kilometers long.

Take a cruise on the Tagus, this is the opportunity to see Lisbon from another angle. From the waves, you can admire the different neighborhoods, better understand the geography of the city to the seven hills and introduce you to Portuguese history with a guided tour.

The course of a boat ride on the Tagus:

The boat ride on the Tagus often leaves the port of Belem where stands the Tower of Belem, the guardian of the city. Next door you will see the Monument to the Discoveries built in honor of Portuguese explorers.

You will then explore the north shore which is the heart of Lisbon. There, on the banks of the Tagus, you will admire the Baixa district and the huge Trade Square.

At the end is the Quai des Colonnes, a marble staircase that sinks into the Tagus. Above you will pass the historic Alfama, home to many of the city’s iconic landmarks. This is where stands the Castle Saint-Georges which proudly dominates the city from the top of the hill.

On the south bank, you can admire the statue of Christ King which embraces the Portuguese sky from the top of its 110 meters.

How to choose your cruise on the Tagus?

If you are visiting Sunset Cruise Lisbon, there are some important points to know before you get a cruise for you.

The price for a cruise on the Tagus varies according to several parameters:

  • Type of boat: sailboat or motorboat.
  • The size of the boat for cruises more or less intimate and therefore more or less expensive.
  • The length of the route: companies often leave the choice between a small loop of one hour and a two-hour journey. We advise you to opt for the two-hour course which will allow you to explore the north shore along its length.
  • The time of day: cruises are often more expensive at sunset but honestly, but a little more expensive is worth it: the sunset on the Tagus will leave you incredible memories.

One of the most popular cruises of the travelers is the one taking place at sunset, you can enjoy a beautiful evening to admire the sun fell on Lisbon from the Tagus.

How to get to the departure point of the cruise on the Tage?

Once your cruise is booked, you will have to go to the starting point. If the starting point is the port of Belem, you can access it with bus lines 727, 28, 729, 714 and 751 or by tram. This port is not served by the metro.

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