Few Car Rental Mistakes Which Must Be Avoided

Few Car Rental Mistakes Which Must Be Avoided


Renting a car can certainly offer a number of advantages whether you go for a vacation to a new country or city, or if you want to go for any important meeting or you want to look for a new car loan provider.

However, if you are not careful enough then car renting can really create a hole in your pocket. You can also read more hiring car tips in USA to get a better deal. Also, you must avoid following mistakes while renting any car.

1.Buying unnecessary insurance

Buying insurance is very important for any rental car too. It can protect you against a number of catastrophe situations. You must have at least following type of coverage to protect your interest.

a. Liability coverage

  • In case, you meet with any accident while you are driving, with this liability coverage you can pay medical bill of the other party and also for any property damage.
  • Legally you must have liability coverage if you are in the USA in order to remain compliant with minimum required coverage.

b. Comprehensive coverage

  • This will help you to get compensation due to fire, theft or wind.

c. Collision coverage

  • In case you collide with any other car, gate or tree then you can get back your repair charges.

You must also enquire from your credit company, as there are many credit card companies who provide free insurance coverage for car rentals. If the car rental company also adds many other coverage plans then it will be unnecessary for you.

2. Renting any car without insurance

It is certainly a mistake to buy any unnecessary insurance, however at the same time buying no insurance at all can also be a mistake.

In case you meet with an accident then you will be paying for all the repair bills.

3. Renting car from airport

People, who travel to different city or country, may find it very convenient to take car on rent from the airport. However, the surcharges charged by the rental companies will be quite expensive for you.

You can certainly save some money if you prefer to rent your car from the city.

4. Don’t shop around

Often people do not shop around either due to laziness or due to lack of time. Unless you shop around from number of places, you will never know where you can get much better deal.

You can surely save some money and also get much better terms only if you see at least 4 to 5 rental companies and discuss with them.

5. Select any inadequate mileage plan

All car rental companies will offer you different mileage plans, and all these plans may have lots of impact on your bill that you will get finally.

Some companies may provide you unlimited mileage, while other companies may have mileage caps, where you have to pay certain fee if you exceed the cap.

Make sure you are fully aware about the mileage plan, so that you can make a better choice which can meet your needs.

6. Fail to access fuel replacement options properly

Usually rental companies offer three different options for buying fuel:

  • Prepay for fuel

In this option, you need to buy fuel from rental company initially and then return the car at whatever fuel level it is. This can save your time however you are not paid for the fuel that is left.

  • Refuel only at rental company

Here the company will fill your tank with fuel and when you return the car you must return with full tank. However, the rental company usually charges very high rate of fuel.

  • Return the car with full gas/fuel

Here you can fill fuel as per the market rate.

7. Returning the car late

By returning car late you often have to make payment for the entire hour.

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