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Three Practical Ways to Get Traffic on Your Website


It’s crucial to get people to visit your website if you plan to earn money from it. You won’t be able to support the content to publish if you don’t generate enough revenue. While writing an article is the first and an important step, it’s not enough to attract traffic. Here are some ways you can get people to visit your website. 

Write Quality Articles

If you are not getting any traffic at all, it could mean that your content isn’t worthy. Just writing articles that already hundreds of people have written is not enough. You need to create content that provides value to the reader. 

It should have useful information that they won’t find anywhere else.  To create articles like this, you will have to do thorough research and write about things where your real expertise lie. 

Publish Guest Posts

Guest posting is a great way to get online exposure and redirect traffic to your website. Reach out to websites where you see a lot of traffic that would be interested in your blog. 

For example, you can contact John Doe if you have a real experience to share, even if it’s unconventional. People who read your article will also visit your website if you have a link in the article. 

Build Social Media Following 

Social media platforms are one of the biggest sources of traffic for bloggers. Many bloggers rely solely on social media to attract people. However, you can’t keep running paid advertisements as that traffic would be expensive unless you sell them something. 

You should create an entertaining and engaging social media page for your blog and build organic followers. Those followers would only like your posts but also follow the link to your website. You can also earn from social media if you have the right kind of followers. 

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