Why Should You Be Looking to Invest in the Eluga Ray 500?

Why Should You Be Looking to Invest in the Eluga Ray 500?


Panasonic’s budget series have something for everyone in every price range with exceptional performance. On the Panasonic mobile price list, the Eluga 500 is on the lower side, although it is difficult to notice with its exceptional performance. The phones boast of various features that are discussed at length in the article.

Display and body

The phone has a 5-inch touchscreen display with IPS Oncell2.5D curved glass and covered by NEG2 glass protection; this allows for clear image and movie viewing experience, no matter what angle the phone is at. The screen resolution is 720 x 1,280 pixels, and a pixel density of 294 PPI; making the movie-watching experience with HD clarity enjoyableat all times.

The phone is lightweight with a weight of 163 g and the thickness at 9.2 mmm making this a comfortable phone to carry around. The phone has been released in three stunning colors that are champagne gold, mocha gold and marine blue.

Software and processors

This phone is powered by Quad-core MediaTekMT6737 processor functioning at 1.25 GHz with 3 GB RAM. Mali-T720 GPU is a high-efficiency mobile graphics, ensuring that gaming and movie watching is a great experience without interruptions and bad movie or gaming quality.

The software on the phone is Android Nougat 7.0, which is fast and runs smoothly without any glitches. This operating system is a boost from the previous ones and can perform various tasks efficiently. The simplification of tasks such as multi-window multitasking is a boon as it can do a split-screen, with two separate sections with two different tasks. It does away with the need to constantly switch between screens when multi-tasking.

The operating system ensures that unopened mails or messages can be responded to while they are in the tray. Optimum battery usagewith sleep mode activation and no running apps in the background makes it a reliable option at all times.


The most exciting feature of the Ray 500 are the cameras, which will make all photography lovers choose this phone above the rest. The phone has a wide-angle as well as a standard lens. The rear 13 MP camera isa standard prime lens, with a large aperture value of f/2.0, with a shallow depth of field.

The front has an 8 MP camera that is also the wide-angle lens and capturing at a 120° wide-angle frame. This lens has a comparatively large aperture value at f/2.4, which will allow for a focused depth of field in the pictures. However, this is not the best type of lens for low light situations and may result in grainy pictures.


The phone has a very good storage capacity with an internal storage of 32 GB. This storage is expandable to 128 GB with micro-SD cards. To clarify what this storage can do, it can holdaround 7500 songs, over 125 apps, more than 3200 photos, andabout 16 hours of full HD movies. This is really phenomenal, as with photography lovers, no amount of storage is enough.

Battery and security

The battery capacity of the phone is 4000 mAh and the battery is non-removable. This allows the user to watch two movies back to back and still work on the phone. The fingerprint sensor is at the front of the phone and assures users of ample security for the phone.

The Eluga Ray 500 is a great phone with multiple reasons to purchase. It has really good processors capable of smoothly running all operations using the Android Nougat 7; the cameras are a steal, judged by their performance and extended battery and storage make it an ideal phone to own at the most affordable budget.

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