3 Celebrity Couples Who Created a Gift Registry in the Recent Past

3 Celebrity Couples Who Created a Gift Registry in the Recent Past


Celebrities have influenced fashion and lifestyle since time immemorial. People are quick to follow the trends set by celebrities. From fashion to weddings, everything celebrities do becomes a source of ideas. The latest trend doing the rounds when it comes to celebrity weddings is a gift registry.

What is a gift registry?

A gift registry is a concept where couples create a list of the gifts they want to receive. A wedding gift registry is specifically for the couple who is getting married. While most Indians are very new to the concept, brands like Wedding wishlist are helping couples understand the importance of a gift registry and why it’s important in today’s world where we need to be creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly atmosphere. The main requisite for that is not having a lot of waste around.

So, here are 3 celebrity couples who’ve created a registry in the recent past!

#1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence got married to her long-time beau Cooke Maroney in a private ceremony in New England. The Oscar-winning actress had created a gift registry on Amazon and made the registry public. The registry truly reflects Jlaw’s personality. With items starting as low as $16, the registry is very guest-friendly. It had a healthy mix of items from across categories. Our personal favourite was the Copper fire pit and ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide.

#2. Priyanka Chopra-Jonas

Yes, we know it happened in 2018, but it was one of the most elaborate gift registries and wedding we’ve ever seen! The couple had a royal Indian wedding as well as a Christian wedding in Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace. By her gift registry, we can clearly see that PC is a dog mom. Her registry had a separate section altogether for her doggo. Our personal favourite was the Whistle GPS tracker and the Crosley Record Player.

#3. Blake Lively

While Blake Lively did create a gift registry recently on Amazon, hers is a bit different from the above two celebs. Blake Lively created a baby registry and we have to say, it definitely is a baby and a new mom’s dream! It has all the essentials and also fancy things like the wipe warmer etc. With things starting as low as $8, the registry has everything a baby needs. From the essentials like diapers, creams, car seats to books, it has everything. Our personal favourite was definitely books. They made a point to represent the minority and the collection included books like Hassan and Aneesa Love Ramdan, Little Dreamers, She persisted etc.

So these are the couples who decided to create a gift registry. Apart from this list, like most socially conscious millennials. Deepika Padukone, Kayley Cuoco, Seema Bhansal and a few others also decided to a gift registry but one with a charity involved in it. They requested their guests to donate to a cause that they loved which would help in a great deal in helping the needy. People are always going to give something or the other, no matter what. Might as well receive useful gifts or gifts that help others.

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