Know More about Thai Lotto and Results 2019

Know More about Thai Lotto and Results 2019


There are many Thailand daily lottery ticket buyers. They all wish to win the jackpot and become a milliner overnight. Yes, this is possible in Thai.  The Government Lottery Office (GLO) offers prizes in million Baht. There are also other six prizes, which is fair enough to win a prize if you are a frequent lotto buyer. Thai lottery result is most searches by these lotto enthusiasts. Today, one can check the Thailand lottery result chart through the app also.

Thai Lotto Prize Tier 2019

1st prize goes to 6-winners worth 2 to 3 million Baht

1st prize bonus prize goes to 1-winner worth 20 to 30 million Baht

2nd prize goes to 5-winners worth 100,000 Baht

3rd prize goes to 10-winners worth 40,000 Baht

4th prize goes to 50-winners worth 20,000 Baht

5th prize goes to 100-winners worth 10,000 Baht

A special prize goes to 2-winners worth 50,000 Baht

Lotto matching 3-digits goes to 4,000-winners worth 2,000 Baht

Lotto matching 2-digits goes to 10,000-winners worth 1,000 Baht

Thai Lottery Result Today Live

The GLO telecast the drawing live on TV. Therefore, the Thai lotto ticket buyers must be in front of the TV on the 1st and 16th of every month. These are the draw dates for GLO based lotto. If you are outside, you can watch this from GLO authorized ticket venues in and around Thailand.

Thai Lottery Result on GLO Official Website

The lotto enthusiast can also check Thailand lotto result from the official website of GLO.  They update as soon as the draw takes place. It is best for those, who are not in front of a TV set. The smart people can watch the result on their Smartphone, laptop or a tablet. Here, you can find today’s result and the past results too. The GLO’s website is most viewed by the lotto lovers in Thailand.

Thai Lottery Result Online

Lotteries are not a scam in Thailand. This is because it is regulated by its government. Apart from the GLO website, the Thai government does permit other lotto informative sites. They are online lotto channels. They do not sell Thailand based lotto or any other lotteries. They give results information up to date.  They are the best for a newbie to know more about GLO and its game. It is the best for Thai lotto prediction. They do not ask you to login or to pay. It is a free site for anyone in Thailand. You can check them 24/7.

It will be better to buy Thailand lottery tickets from the authorized venues only. Anyone can try their luck once in Thailand territory. However, the lotto prize comes under the tax. If you are lucky you can win the 1st prize or the subsequent prizes. Anyhow, you will get more money than the ticket price is guaranteed. This is why the Thai lottery results and most sought to check by the lottery lovers. They can check with the above-mentioned options 24-hours. They are not scam websites as the Thai government does not permit such websites in their country.

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